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Caring Advocacy For Those Who Have Been Hurt Or Wronged

Although states such as Florida take the time to create civilian bicycle paths, the fact is that accidents will, unfortunately, occur at some point or another. Understanding the risks involved is a great start for anyone seeking to begin riding the streets, but it’s often not enough. Understandably, people don’t want to think about the potential injuries that one could sustain, but it’s incredibly important to do so as it may help you protect yourself on the roads.

Common minor accident injuries

Fortunately, most bicycle accidents are not too bad. Hitting an obstacle on the road that leads to a person falling off is often the case. This type of accident may lead to minor injuries such as scrapes, cuts, and muscle strains, to name a few. Many of those injuries will be on the hands and arms as people often attempt to catch their fall. Thus, experts suggest using riding gloves to cushion the fall.

Head injuries

There’s a reason why so many cities and state governments require people to wear a helmet. The shocking numbers show that between 22% and 47% of bicycle accidents will have some sort of head injury. If a high-speed collision is involved, those injuries can often be fatal to a person not wearing a helmet.

Muscle injuries

Even if there is no visible injury (scrapes, head cuts, etc.), you may still have suffered an internal muscle injury. Because the body isn’t made to suddenly stop, certain muscles will attempt to slow down the body and, in the process, cause a muscle injury or another tissue injury to occur. One of the most common is a hernia.

Being involved in a bicycle accident is a very real risk. If you have an accident, it is important to begin communicating with an attorney as soon as possible. This may help improve your chances of seeking and obtaining your rightful compensation.