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Sport utility vehicles are very popular in Florida and around the country. However, as they become larger and more comfortable, they continue to pose a risk to pedestrians. In fact, pedestrian accidents that involve SUVs are increasing at a faster rate than any other type of vehicle.

SUVs and car accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the number of pedestrian accidents involving cars has declined since 1980. However, it has noted that pedestrian accidents involving SUVS have increased during the same period. The organization believes that one of the reasons for the uptick in pedestrian accidents may be SUVs on the roads.

SUV accidents may pose more serious danger than car accidents because of their size. Impacts may occur with more force on a person’s torso instead of their legs and lower body. In addition, the larger size of an SUV may make it more difficult for a driver to see the pedestrian. The weight of the vehicle can cause an SUV to have a longer stopping time than a car. All of these factors may work together to make SUV accidents more common and more dangerous than other types of car accidents.

Legal liability for SUV accidents

A party who causes an accident is legally responsible for the harm that results. There is no average amount of damages or a flat rate payment that applies to an accident. If a victim has more serious damages because they are struck by an SUV, they may claim car accident compensation for the damages that they sustain.