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Motorcyclists in Florida should be aware that lane splitting is still illegal despite efforts to legalize it in the state. “Lane splitting” is defined as motorcyclists driving on the shoulder and between lanes on the highway. Currently, the maneuver is illegal in every state of the U.S. except California.

According to a study conducted at the University of California Berkeley, lane splitting actually reduced motorcyclists’ risk of getting into severe auto accidents. However, the maneuver was only safe if the traffic moved at less than 50 miles per hour and the motorcyclists didn’t exceed the speed limit by more than 15 miles per hour. Proponents of lane splitting also claim that the maneuver gives motorcyclists the chance to get out of traffic, which can be dangerous. However, experts say that the subject needs further study before a decision can be made.

Getting caught lane splitting in Florida can result in an average fine of $150. However, few citations are written each year. While lane splitting is illegal, lane sharing where two motorcyclists drive in the same lane together is perfectly legal.

Auto accidents are dangerous for motorcyclists, who are especially vulnerable on the highway. While drivers are obligated to keep a lookout for motorcycles, many of them fail to do this, and this kind of negligence can have serious consequences. An accident on the highway could cause brain damage, spinal injury, broken bones and fractures, coma and even death.

If an individual suffers from a severe injury after a motorcycle accident, they might be entitled to a settlement to help them pay for their medical bills. An auto accident can result in severe injury and even permanent disability. By working with a lawyer, an accident victim might be able to receive compensation to help them pay for their sizable medical bills.