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If you’re a cyclist in Florida, there are laws you must follow in order to avoid fines. We’re going to discuss the rules and regulations that cyclists must follow while they’re on the road.

It’s important to note that cyclists are considered vehicles in Florida law. This means that while you have the right to be on the road like other vehicles, you must also adhere to road rules for increased safety.

To begin with, all cyclists must adhere to all traffic controls and signals. In addition, all cyclists must use regular seating while riding.

Along with this, the number of riders should never exceed the number of passengers the bicycle was designed for. All bicycle owners also need to ensure that their bike is equipped with a break that is capable of stopping the bike within 25 feet.

If you are riding the bicycle, you must keep at least one hand on the bicycle’s handle bars at all times while riding. If there is a child riding on the bike with you, you must ensure that your child also obey all the provisions of Florida’s bicycle law. When riding, a cyclist must ride as closely as practicable to the right-hand edge of the road unless doing things such as passing, making a left turn, avoiding road hazards.

For cyclists in Florida, if you are making a left turn, you are entitled to the use of the lane. Just be sure to scan for traffic and signal your turn. Once you signal, begin to make your way to the center of the lane. Check traffic control devices and signage and then make your turn once you have the green light.

Following road safety is important for all cyclists. Some cyclists find themselves in bicycle accidents either due to neglect or a lack of road knowledge. In other instances, the accident can be caused by another vehicle. A lawyer can help cyclists who find themselves involved in vehicle accidents whether they need to be represented or need help with things such as insurance claims.