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Florida is not one of the safest states for drivers, and the accidents that arise are usually the result of one or more of the following six factors. First is speeding; this is behind one in three crashes. Drivers can more easily lose control when they speed. They have less time to react to dangers, and their braking distance increases.

Another factor in accidents is lack of driving experience. There’s a reason why insurance premiums for teen drivers is high. Inexperienced drivers are not as familiar with the hazards one can encounter on the road. Yet it’s precisely younger drivers who tend not to wear their seat belt: the third common factor. With a seat belt, vehicle occupants are likelier to survive even a serious accident.

The next two frequently reported causes are drunk driving and careless driving. Over a million Americans are arrested for DUI every year. Alcohol is known to impair one’s attention, judgment and reaction times. As for careless driving, this includes aggressive maneuvers like tailgating and quickly passing other vehicles as well as distracted driving, such as driving while using a phone or eating.

Lastly, accidents can happen through equipment failure. Vehicle owners are expected to maintain their vehicle, so they may still be held liable for a crash if this happens.

Victims of auto accidents should know that in most cases, their losses will be covered by PIP insurance. When their injuries are severe, though, there will likely be grounds for a third-party insurance claim. We will advise you of your options following a free case evaluation.