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Car collisions are never good news, and when a car hits a bicycle, it can be dangerous for both parties involved. In Florida and around the country, insurance companies spend a lot of time looking at statistics for collisions because it’s important to find ways to quantify risk and reduce it over time. There’s some new data about bicycle accidents that everyone should be aware of.

When a car collides with a bicycle, the injuries to the cyclist can be severe, but most drivers will never have such a collision. Data gathered by insurers indicates that the average driver experience a car collision just once every 10 years. It’ also possible to measure driving habits that are linked to worse outcomes. One of these is increased hard braking. The more often a driver slams on the brakes, the more likely they are to be involved in collisions.

The need to slam on the brakes arises sometimes; perhaps a deer or cat has run into the road. Maybe there’s a child on a bicycle in the road. However, frequent slamming on the brakes can be an indicator that a driver is too fond of tailgating or doesn’t pay enough attention when they’re behind the wheel. Insurers have started to compile this data so that they can determine which drivers are more likely to cause losses in the future.

For lawyers involved in personal injury cases, this data is important too as it can help establish a pattern of behavior that’s careless on the roads. When drivers wantonly injure other people due to negligence, a lawyer may help the injured victims hold those drivers accountable for their behavior.