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In Florida and throughout the United States, distracted driving is an ongoing problem. Despite statistics demonstrating its risk, research into its prevalence, and legislators and law enforcement clamping down by citing drivers, it still happens. While distracted driving is often linked to cellphones, there are other ways in which a driver’s attention may be diverted from the road.

Eating and driving can also be the catalyst for a distracted driving auto accident. To eat, drivers will need to remove their hands from the wheel. Manual control is a key aspect of safety, and eating may hinder that. When eating, drivers are not thinking about driving. This, too, can be the spark for a dangerous maneuver and a crash. Individually, these pose risks. When combined, they are significantly dangerous.

A driver frequently needs to unwrap the food, have napkins ready, take one hand off the wheel to hold it and put condiments on the food, all while driving. A study by Lytx in 2014 said that individuals who eat while driving multiply their chances of a collision by 3.6 times when compared to drivers who are neither eating nor drinking. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics say that being distracted by eating or drinking makes it 39% more likely for there to be a car accident or a near-miss.

Drivers are advised to not let anything remove their focus from the road. Regardless, there will still be people who try to multitask and eat when driving. Those who have been injured and the families of loved ones who died in such crashes will face a myriad of challenges. A law firm experienced in car accidents can investigate the crash and its cause. This will help with pursuing a legal claim for compensation.  Often victims of crashes are awarded additional monetary compensation when a crash is due to an accident which was preventable if the driver was not distracted by other things of the driver’s own fault such as eating or texting.