It is no secret that motorcycles come with considerably more dangerous than other motor vehicles. With proper safety precautions, a cyclist can drastically reduce the likelihood of injury or death.

Thousands of deaths and injuries occur among motorcyclists each year. The drivers involved in these accidents may have been able to avoid disaster if they had practiced proper safety measures.

What a cyclist can do to protect themselves

One of the best steps a cyclist can take to defend themselves on the road is to wear the proper safety gear. Motorcycle riders may underestimate the safety that protective gear offers. In 2016, motorcycle helmets saved more than 1,800 lives and could have saved another 800 more if victims were wearing their helmets. These helmets reduce the risk of death by 37% and head injury by 69%.

In addition to wearing sufficient gear, keeping a sharp eye on other vehicles is critical. While other drivers should also be aware of motorcycles around them, a cyclist can only be certain of their awareness. A stray car door opening in front of you is enough to send you down the road hundreds of feet without your vehicle. Other drivers may also change lanes on into motorcycles that are in their blind spot.

The rest that a motorcyclist can do is the same as any other driver: avoid common mistakes. Do not drink and drive, keep your eyes on the road, do not drive recklessly. Anything a driver can do to make the road a safer place stands to save lives for countless others.

You cannot put a price on safety

Every driver on the road has the opportunity to make their daily commute safer for themselves and everyone around them. When other drivers keep an eye out for other drivers, everyone can breathe a little easier.