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Caring Advocacy For Those Who Have Been Hurt Or Wronged

The most interesting thing that I learned attending the FL Bar CLE course Navigating the CARES Act on April 14, 2020 is how important it is when giving legal advice or direction to note on what date you were speaking.  Everything is now subject to change, so what may be true today might not be the same tomorrow.  A new law passes Congress and the game is changed.  Right now the Payroll Protection Plan program is out of money.  However, if Congress chooses to allocate additional funds, it could be back in play again.

I am fielding many calls from people who are trying to navigate life in these times.  Some people have insurance policies that they had purchased but are not paying claiming an exclusion due to epidemic or that there is no “physical” loss.    In many cases, there are strong arguments to be made that the policy which was purchased should protect against exactly this type of loss.  It will depend on the specific policy purchased and the specific facts of the case.  It’s important to get a copy of the insurance policy and have someone who is familiar with reading and interpreting insurance policies to determine whether further action against the insurance company is wise.

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